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Dental Myths w/ Dr. Collins Volume 2: "I'm too old"

July 18, 2018
Posted By: Ryan Collins
Dr. Collins



Myth: “I am too old to care about my teeth”

“I am too old to get braces”

“I am too old to get veneers”  

“I am too old to replace my missing teeth with implants”


Truth: You are never too old for any of these things! In fact, teeth get more important as you get older..

We just created a new smile with veneers for a patient of ours and she is 95. One of our Orthodontist offices we refer to in Suntree recently started braces on a 94 year old! Some people choose to use their hard earned money for something they’ve always wanted.

Think about it this way, as you get older one of the most important social functions is going out to eat, or eating a dinner with your family. It’s what people do. But you wouldn’t want your grandkids seeing your dentures fall out, or to be afraid of eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant because it hurts to chew or you can’t manage it.

Also, for those looking for a career-change or a new love-life, a new smile can help immensely! Sometimes you’ve spent your whole life paying for your kids’ braces and medical bills, it’s time to splurge a little on yourself. You’ve earned it!

The concept of adult Orthodontics (braces) may sound crazy, but they can do more than just straighten your smile. Sometimes they can help regain the proper bite, to avoid breaking fillings and wearing down teeth over the years. They can prevent TMJ issues and fix gaps or open room for dental implants to replace missing teeth. Most importantly, braces have come a long way in recent years, some of the time Invisalign (clear braces) can be used. I am wearing them right now as I type this, and I’m 33!

We do veneers, smile designs, dentures and cosmetic filings here at Banana River Dental, but we don’t do braces. I do have a few personally recommended Orthodontists in different areas of Brevard County, and they all offer free consultations to explore your options. We also offer free consultations to see if there’s a way dentistry can improve your life, at any age.

-Ryan Collins 
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