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Dental Myths w/ Dr. Collins Volume 1: Cleaning around Crowns and Bridges

July 4, 2018
Posted By: Ryan Collins
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Myth: "I have caps on my teeth so I don't need to clean them"  or   "I have crowns, so I can't have any more problems" 

Truth: I can't believe how much I hear this from my patients. This couldn't be further from the truth. When you have crowns, IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO CLEAN AROUND THEM!  

Here's why:  

1) Crowns only cover a certain portion of your tooth. Wherever the crown doesn't cover your tooth, bacteria can cause that part of your tooth to rot (decay, cavities). 

2) It is easier to get food stuck around crowns, because they don't often exactly mimic what nature gave you. There is a junction where the crown meets the tooth, and that little gap can be a perfect home for cavity causing bacteria.

3) Often, a tooth with a crown on it while have had a root canal, and no longer has a nerve. This make it so you cannot feel a cavity growing 

4) It can be hard to floss around crowns and bridges. But this doesn't mean don't do it! 

Instead, use alternatives like Water Flossers (WaterPik etc.), Super Floss, ProxaBrushes to clean around Crowns (Caps) and Bridges. Use regular floss or the plastic handled flossers. 

Just use something! The cost to replace crowns can be considerable. 


If you ever have any questions about any of this, either stop by the office, or text me anytime on the office line 321-777-6453 

Dr. Ryan Collins DMD

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